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About Georgia

Georgia is the tea and coffee brand of The Coca-Cola Company's
portfolio, named after the home state of Coca-Cola. The brand offers an entire range of hot coffee, flavoured premix hot tea, iced tea and cold coffee.
Georgia was introduced in India in 2002. The brand in India sources all its beans and tea powder from Indian farmers.
Georgia coffee is brewed from roast beans with variants like cappuccino, caffe latte, espresso and more. The brand in India also features machines that dispense cardamom tea, masala tea, iced tea (lemon and peach) and cold coffee.
Perfectly Brewed Coffee
Every cup of freshly extracted cappuccino and Americans uses
GEORGIA's medium-dark roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta
beans. The beans are sourced from plantations in South India.
Coffee & Tea Premixes
From masala flavour to cardamom and lemon flavours, tea
premixes are sure to make one want some more. The Chicory
coffee and Cappuccino premixes are just perfect for coffee-lovers.
Cold Beverages
Chilled milky cold coffee, lemon/peach flavoured iced teas made
from a quality, premixes are a great option to get recharged.

Aransh Enterprises

Aransh Enterprises is a start-up venture with a woman entrepreneur at its helm. The organisation is managed by professionals who have more than 17 years of total experience in the corporate world. The proprietors have managed senior level roles in the fields of Human Resources and Supply Chain.

Aransh Enterprises is the distributor of Georgia coffee. Georgia is the name of a popular brand of coffee drinks sold by Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd. The brand is named after Coca-Cola’s home state of Georgia. It was launched in 1975 by Coca-Cola Company, a Japanese subsidiary of the parent company-Coca Cola.

Georgia offers a range of premium hot and cold beverages, including fresh brewed coffee, hot pre-mix flavoured tea, coffee, iced tea and cold coffee, through its vending machines.

In India, it has already deployed about 5,000 machines in the past decade in various corporate houses. Fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s is one of Georgia’s largest customers in the country.

Aransh Enterprises

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